Wednesday, September 25, 2013


This semester I'm taking a digital photography class and our first assignment was to photograph anything we wanted and observe how lighting interacts with the subjects. Basically, the only requirement for this assignment was to expose images properly. Got it! I wanted to wait to post what I shot until after I received my grade, which took much longer than I expected.

The feedback I got from my classmates and professor were all very positive. The suggestions my professor made were to adjust the levels on the photo of my cat to bring out the detail of my cat's fur and to try dodging the trees in the last photo so that they aren't nearly black. I was rather pleased with my work for this project and printed the lotus flower and fluorescent light strip to include in my final portfolio.

I'll keep posting my work from photo assignments throughout the semester. I have a critique on depth of field coming up, so I'll share those photos after they're graded. Stay tuned!

edit: I had more photos for the project but the blogger image uploader is being very uncooperative at the moment!