Friday, December 30, 2011


Here's a little mix I put together of some of my favorite music released this year. I wanted to make a few posts of my favorites from makeup to fashion collections of 2011 but I've been busy lately so I haven't really had the time to. I hope you guys enjoy this and have a fun and safe NYE weekend!

track listing:
  1. Time of My Life - Patrick Wolf 
  2.  Endless Blue - the Horrors 
  3.  Nail in My Coffin - the Kills
  4.  Nerve Damage! - Unknown Mortal Orchestra 
  5.  Videotapes - Blouse 
  6.  Newlands - Justice 
  7.  Over You - Cat's Eyes
  8.  OK Pal - M83 
  9.  Hikikomori - Zola Jesus 
  10.  Work That Body - HTRK

Friday, December 16, 2011


I'm finally on Christmas break! I am so excited to have nearly a month off school I couldn't even begin to explain. Since I have such a long break I've decided that I need to keep busy and productive to prevent cabin fever from setting in. I'm going to read the unread books on my shelf, work on art stuff, continue going to the gym at least three times a week, and try to hang out with my friends more often and possibly with some new people as well.

So you know how before I wrote about my terrible time public speaking? Well, now if you asked me to get in front of a crowd and talk I think I'd be perfectly fine! I had to give two more presentations this semester and I got better with each one. In my philosophy class I had to argue why I think it's wrong to eat meat. I did really well at getting my point across and the short video I showed had quite an obvious impact on the class. I was still a bit nervous and my voice was kinda shaky, but near the end I was throwing in little jokes and whatnot. For my interpersonal communications class I had to so a group presentation for my final and we did an awesome job! (we got a 100%!) I didn't even feel like I was talking in front of thirty other people. All I could do was smile whenever we finished and I felt so proud of myself. I'm glad that I was finally able to get over this fear!

Today I'm going to work on cleaning around the house, finish putting ornaments on our Christmas tree, and read a bit. I might watch a movie or two and play a little Sims Pets (omg I'm obsessed). I hope everyone has had a nice week so far! Feel free to tell me any of your plans for break, I'd love to hear :)


Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Air Force Flag sneakers by Jeremy Scott for Adidas

I honestly have no idea why I'm so in love with Scott's collection of winged sneakers. The only time I wear tennis-shoes is to the gym and these are so unlike my style. I think one reason why I love them so much is because they're the exact opposite of my personal taste. JS does a really good job with making me fall in love with things that are totally ridiculous; it's quite possible that his pieces bring out that part of me that liked to wear neon tutus and all things obnoxious when I was fourteen...

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Friday night I finally went out to the mall and picked up some products from the Gareth Pugh MAC collection. I originally was planning on going sometime Saturday but I had started my period and felt like crap, so this was the perfect pick me up. I bought both lipsticks and lip glosses, a nail polish, and the blush.

Strada powder blush

This is every fair skinned girl's dream blush! Whenever I first saw it I thought it was neat but you could probably use a powder that's a few shades darker instead, but it actually has a bit of a pink to it. I never wear blush because it's always too much color for my skin, but this is something that I'm definitely going to be using everyday and I'll probably stock up on it! This was hard to photograph since it's so subtle, but it gives me a nice little flush of color and you can see it in the following photos a bit as well. (I apologize for the awful picture and my hair looking like such a mess. It's sunday, what can I say.)

Restrict creamsheen lipstick

Also another pale girl's dream! This lipstick has a slight pink tint to it along with a bit of shimmer, which is great because it doesn't totally wash you out. I really think that Pugh took paler skin tones into consideration while working on this collection and I'm so glad he did. This is a shade I'm going to be wearing a lot and will be my go-to lip color whenever my eye makeup is really dramatic. 

Fervent satin lipstick
I really love the versatility of this color. It can go on to be a nice hot-pinkish purple or a nearly black purple depending on how much is applied. I went ahead and applied it so it'd be darker so you can see the full dramatic effect it has. This is probably one of the more fun pieces of the collection, obviously not something for daytime and everyday wear. 

Vacant lipglass

I usually have a personal vendetta against lipgloss since they're always so sticky so I just don't even bother with them, but these are very nice and creamy. This color gives the lips a bit of a light pink color and has bits of pink and lavender glitter. I've fallen in love with both of these glosses and they'll be my go-to products when I want a bit of color on my lips but don't feel like being bothered by applying lipstick.

Outrage lipglass

This is basically a toned down version of the Fervent lipstick. It's a light purple gloss full of blue, green, and purple glitter. Again, another amazing lipgloss! I'm sorry that it's difficult to really see the full effect of the lipglasses but they're just so hard to photograph! I'd definitely recommend that you try them on it the store because these pictures don't quite do them justice. 

Unfortunately, I don't have photos for you guys of the nail polish. I had just painted my nails Friday afternoon and didn't feel like messing up my manicure by testing it out, but I paint my nails so often that I'll probably have pictures within the next week.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my purchases. I bought a lot of stuff that I know I'll be using a lot. It's really awesome to be able to incorporate your absolute favorite designer into your everyday appearance.

PS - Apparently the shipping of the eyeshadows have been delayed everywhere so I was unable to test those out but the artist at the store said they should be in sometime this week. I've been curious about those so I'm excited to see what they're like!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Patrick Wolf's new video for the song Together- one of my favorites from the new album. I really love this video; I think the taxidermied animals are a nice addition and the mirrored images are very fitting for this song.

Monday, November 28, 2011


As I was flipping through the latest Nylon magazine, I noticed a rather uniquely colored ombre blush. I glanced at the caption next to it and saw that it was from Daphne Guinness' upcoming MAC collaboration. I was so excited to hear that the two would be collaborating but honestly, after seeing everything, I'm kind of disappointed with it. I guess I didn't really know what to expect; this is definitely Daphne's style but I don't really see myself buying anything, except maybe for the light blonde brow pencil.

It sounds like I dislike the collection, don't get me wrong the colors are gorgeous, it's just not really my taste. Judging from the photos above, it doesn't particularly seem like anything I'd pick out for myself. I'll definitely test a lot of the products in store, though. All in all, I'm looking forward to this collection. And who knows, I might change my mind about it after testing things out and fall in love!
I'm curious - what are your thoughts on this collection?

PS - I still have not gotten anything from the Gareth Pugh collection :( but I will sometime this week. I went to the mall the day it was released and it's only to be sold in select stores and not at the counters in Macy's or Nordstrom's. I'll have to go to a different mall that's kind of farther away to make my purchases, but I'll have a post for you guys with pictures and reviews so keep your eyes peeled for that. xoxo

Sunday, November 20, 2011


In memory of my grandfather. He was a dentist/surgeon and got me interested in teeth at a young age. He had extracted ones from patients that he'd show me and I thought it was the coolest thing to see the entirety of a tooth. He passed away six years ago and we were extremely close despite the fact that most of the time we spent together was in a hospital due to his health. I wish I would have been able to get know him even better now that I'm older; I know we'd be much closer. He was an amazing man and I miss him dearly, but instead of mourning his death, I celebrate his life and all the moments we shared.
Tattooed and drawn by the wonderful Mark Skipper at TRX Tattoos & Piercing in St. Louis, Missouri.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


My ideal winter wardrobe would look a lot like this. I can never get enough of the color black.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Well, now you can get 20% off simply by entering the code jeezny at checkout! After your first time using the code, you'll receive 10% off and it'll work forever and ever. Karmaloop has an awesome selection of clothing, shoes, and accessories featuring brands such as Jeffrey Campbell, Cheap Monday, Free People, Levi's and more! They've got such amazing products and I always find myself wanting to buy so much of it!
Check their store out, and if you decide to make a purchase enter the above code in one of the boxes you see at checkout (there's like three or something? it should work in the one labeled rep code). I promise you you'll love it!

Thursday, November 10, 2011


I've been listening to Justice's new album Audio, Video, Disco on repeat in my car all this week, and this song is one of my favorites from it. It's pretty different than Cross and I'm glad they used more lyrics/vocals this time around. Very well executed and very intense. Every time I listen to it I can't help but feel the need to get up and dance like there's no tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Saturday night I went to another midnight showing of the Rocky Horror Picture show and I got to bring two of my friends, Emily and Liz, who had never been before. They had such a blast! It was really great seeing them having such a great time and laughing at all the stupid things that happen during the show, and if you've ever been to a midnight show you'd know that there's a ton of that. Afterwards, they both talked about how much they loved it and stated they want to start going every year! Yay!!

Monday of this week I had to register for second semester classes, and I never realized how stressful that could be. I stayed up until midnight thinking registration would open then but it turns out it would at eight. Well, my school's website crashed not too long after the hour and I figured I'd just do it later at school. I logged on not to long before ten and nearly everything I wanted was full! It was so annoying to try and figure out what classes I could take in place of the ones I had originally planned out and trying to get good times. Overall, my schedule turned out to be pretty decent. Here's the final result:
  • GEOG 111 - intro to geography
  • ESCI 111 - physical geology 
  • GEOG 201 - world regions
  • PSYC 208 - cognitive psychology
  • ART 225B - art history (mannerism-present)
It's quite a bit of geography, but that was basically all that was available. I just find it ironic that I'm taking more geography than any other subject since I'm majoring in psychology.. Let's hope that everything goes smoothly second semester!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I am head over heels in love with this collection. Each piece, accessory, and each tiny detail is amazing. I would love to get my hands on one of those sweaters/jackets for this winter!

Monday, October 31, 2011


I celebrated Halloween this weekend with a small get-together of close friends and new friends. I had a lot of fun spending time together with everyone. It was so much more intimate and relaxed than the party I went to last year. It's nice being able to be around people that are very loving and accepting of who you are.

I made pumpkin spice cupcakes for the party and they were delicious! I was really doubting whether or not they'd be any good while I was making them but everyone seemed to think that I did a really good job :)

I hope you guys had a lovely Halloween weekend and have fun tonight, but just be safe out there!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


This collection is killing me! I was so ready for it to come out whenever I first heard news about the collaboration in the summer but I'll have to remain patient until November 23rd when it hits stores. I knew that Pugh would have to include some sort of dramatic false lashes and purples, and the photo above is stunning. The geometric lashes look great paired on the top and bottom, and I'm in love with those glossy ombre lips!
According to, these are the collection's products. All I can say is WOW. WOW. WOW. The color palette is absolutely perfect and looks so versatile - great for day and nighttime wear. The collection includes 3 nail polishes, 2 lipsticks, 2 lipglasses, 1 studio fix mascara, 2 technakohl eyeliners, 1 buffer brush, 2 pigments, 3 cream eyeshadows, 1 translucent powder, 1 powder blush, 1 pair of false lashes, and a makeup bag.

Judging on the product photo, I'm definitely going to need to get the greyish-nude lipstick, dark purple lipglass, and all of the nail polishes. I love all of the eye colors as well and I'm going to have to swatch them when I see them in person to get the full affect. 

And let's take some time to appreciate the nail polishes. Needless to say, I need them all.

Somehow I'm going to have to deal with my excitement for another month. I'm going to get up the day the collection is released so I can make sure I get everything I want before things star selling out!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Later on last week I had to talk in front of my interpersonal communications class and discuss an assignment I did. I don't know what it was but I felt just fine; I wasn't nervous at all and there's twice as many people in there than in my French culture class (the one I gave the terrible presentation in). Whatever it was, I'm just glad that I didn't freak out like I did the last time.

Friday night I went to a midnight showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show! I love going to these because it's so much fun getting all dressed up, the movie's awesome, and there's so many cool people and good vibes. I think this year's was better than the previous and it might have something to do with the fact that there were some new cast members. The new Brad Majors was perfect for the role. I remember him coming up and talking to me last year and he just seemed so hyperactive; he took that energy and put it into the show and gave a really great performance. I'm highly considering going again this weekend or next and bringing a friend who's never been to a midnight showing.

I dressed up as Frank n Furter again this year but as a more feminine version. I used the same colors in my makeup as Frank's but decided not to go with the drawn on brows and extra black eyes. Unfortunately I didn't have time to take a picture of the final result, but here's a picture of me and my friend Emma from last year:

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I'm not looking forward to tomorrow being Monday..

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Tonight I stayed in to watch the Addams family movies on ABC Family with my kitty cat. The Addams' are definitely a huge style inspiration, I mean how could they not be? Black and white stripes and layers upon layers of black are so simple but so perfect. This winter you can expect a very monochromatic wardrobe from me, but that's nothing new ;)

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Thanks to coutequecoute I've discovered Belgian/Australian singer-songwriter Gotye and am now hooked. This song is so catchy and really tickles my fancy; immediately after hearing it I knew that I needed to download the album. I love how the song starts out so quietly and then turns into such an explosion of emotions. I feel so powerful whenever I listen to it and I can really relate since it almost perfectly describes a certain I was recently involved with, or somebody that I used to know, if you will. This song is a great reminder that there are some people that I'm really better off without.

You can listen to Gotye's new album Making Mirrors in its entirety here

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Today in one of my classes I had to do a short presentation on anatomist Andreas Vesalius. I put together a powerpoint with the basic facts and some images, and had other points I wanted to discuss written down on a sheet of paper. I knew my material well enough that I could recite it from memory and went through many practice presentations in my bedroom.

But as soon as I got in front of the class, I choked. I instantly felt short of breath and jittery. It was really obvious that my nerves were getting to me and my presentation suffered. I rushed through it and left out more than a few details that I had made note of. I figured I'd feel relieved when I was finished, but instead I was so embarrassed and upset.

I don't know what it is, but there's something about people who I don't know in school settings that make me anxious. I'm mostly and introvert but also have a lot of extroverted characteristics. Being around people I'm unfamiliar with or being the center of attention in a social gathering doesn't bother me at all. The difference in environments may be the cause of this anxiety, though. Social settings are so laid back and if someone makes some sort of error in conversation, everyone brushes it off and moves on. School settings are much more uptight and I can really feel the pressures of having to do your absolute best at everything.

There haven't been too many times that I've had to publicly speak, but there will be more in the future so I need to be able to overcome this fear as soon as possible. I know I'm not the only one who's like this; public speaking is what's most feared among people, even more than death. It's something so simple and yet I turn it into a traumatic experience.

Fears don't just disappear overnight so there's going to be a lot of work required on my part. Hopefully I can get over this sooner rather than later; being scared is no fun!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


I figured I should take some time to write about what's up in my world every once in a while, so here it goes.

I got advised on Tuesday for my second semester of college and I'm starting to wonder if this whole college thing is right for me. I'm feeling some added stress because I don't know what I want to minor in (my major is psychology). College is also really starting to kill my desire to learn. You're forced to learn things so quickly and I feel like I'm not learning some material as well as I could because there's so much pressure to learn it by a certain time. Hopefully this is just me being a baby and going through a slump right now because I don't want to drop out. I want to be able to finish what I've started and if I decide not to go to grad school, I'll be okay with that. A bachelor's degree wouldn't be hindering at all, so I'm going to try to stick it out.

A few nights ago a newly formed acquaintance of mine told me that his friend has a bit of a crush on me. This is really funny because the only encounter I've had with this guy was whenever we had a collision at my friend Emily's apartment. If you've seen the new Freaky Friday movie, it was a lot like whenever Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan try to get back into their own bodies by running into each other. Maybe I'm magic and knocked some feelings into him. Haha, who knows, but he seems like a cool guy so I wouldn't getting to know him.

I'm going to wrap up this post by talking about...FALL! The weather here is really starting to cool down and many of the trees are changing colors and losing their leaves. I love seeing how everything starts to diminish and seeing it all come back to life in the spring. My favorite things about fall are seasonal coffee flavors, long sleeves and sweaters, the smell of leaves, Halloween excitement, scented candles, carving pumpkins, costume parties, and spending time outside admiring the world. What's your favorite part about the season?

Thursday, October 13, 2011


"Oh, fuck. God… Fuckin’ poser. Only posers die, you fucking idiot! Now what am I gonna do for a friend? You’re my only friend! Please, wake up now! Please, I’m sorry! Oh, fuck. Oh, jeeze. Oh, my god! I wasn’t ready for this. I wasn’t ready!"

This has got to be the most tragic and heartbreaking scene to ever exist in a movie. I fell asleep watching SLC Punk one night and woke up right as this came on and I just started bawling. I was so delirious and I couldn't fathom what it'd be like wake up one morning and find your best friend dead. Life can be so scary when stuff like this happens and it all reminded me that the people I'm close to are so precious and that I really need to cherish what I have while it's still here.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


video directed by White Rabbit

This is probably my favorite song from the Horrors' new album Skying, so I'm thrilled that they made it a single. The video's full of amazing visuals and is just so captivating. Can this band do any wrong?

A few months ago I found out that they'd be touring to support the new album. They've never played in my area so I figured that they wouldn't this time around either, but I checked the tour dates just in case. Crazily enough, St. Louis was on the list and I was ecstatic. Whenever the band released their first album they were going to play here but had to cancel their US tour because it ended up being too expensive. After that and the multiple tours excluding my city I figured that I'd probably never be able to see them live. The fact that I actually did blows my mind.

I saw them on the 23rd of September and it was perfect, better than I ever could have imagined. They played for a little over an hour and all of the music came to life in a completely new way. The whole time I felt like I was dreaming; the music took over everything. I was really curious to find out how they'd recreate some of the sounds they use, but they did to my surprise and sounded even better than the CDs. 

After the show, my friend and I got the chance to say hi to them and have a chat with Tom and Faris. I felt that it was necessary to say thanks for playing here and that the show was well worth the five years of waiting. They were both blown away that we had waited that long to be able to see them live and actually thanked us. They were so pleasant, sweet, and charming; just all around good people.

I still can't believe that this concert really happened. They've been one of my favorites ever since their early days of garage rock and they just keep getting better with each new album and new sound. It's really rare that I'm still interested in something after that long but the way they're constantly evolving, keeps me drawn in and never bores me. It's really funny to look back and see how different I am now than how I was when I was in 8th grade when I first discovered the Horrors; the same goes for how much the band has changed. 

I'd definitely recommend that you see them live if they're ever in your area or take a listen to their new album if you haven't yet!

Monday, October 10, 2011


I've recently fallen in love with Black Milk Clothing, especially their prints. The clothing is definitely more suitable for warmer weather and a little bit on the pricier side, but I really want to get my hands on one of the bathing suits for the summer. Maybe I'll befriend someone with a pool before then so I'll have a reason to buy one...

Sunday, October 9, 2011


I just saw this movie for the first time a few weekends ago and, wow, this was such an emotional film. The characters' lives spiraled downhill so quickly and at the end things are just awful for them. It really had an impact on me and I felt extremely upset, like I felt like I needed to cry or something. It's so crazy how the world of drugs changes people. Jared Leto gave a great performance, which led me to find a new appreciation for him. He's more than just the blonde guy in Fight Club or the frontman of an awful band; he's actually a really talented actor and I'd be interested to see him play more roles.


This has been something that I've wanted to do for a while and I finally got the stuff I needed to make them. I've had one of the skulls for a while and I got another for a friend to make her a house-warming gift for her new apartment (she absolutely loved it!). I originally wanted hers to be white but it turned out that the white glitter I got was actually clear with pink shimmer, which I didn't realize until I had covered almost half of the skull with it. I think the silver looks great and I'm really pleased with how they turned out! They were so messy and a lot of work to make but definitely worth it.