Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Saturday night I went to another midnight showing of the Rocky Horror Picture show and I got to bring two of my friends, Emily and Liz, who had never been before. They had such a blast! It was really great seeing them having such a great time and laughing at all the stupid things that happen during the show, and if you've ever been to a midnight show you'd know that there's a ton of that. Afterwards, they both talked about how much they loved it and stated they want to start going every year! Yay!!

Monday of this week I had to register for second semester classes, and I never realized how stressful that could be. I stayed up until midnight thinking registration would open then but it turns out it would at eight. Well, my school's website crashed not too long after the hour and I figured I'd just do it later at school. I logged on not to long before ten and nearly everything I wanted was full! It was so annoying to try and figure out what classes I could take in place of the ones I had originally planned out and trying to get good times. Overall, my schedule turned out to be pretty decent. Here's the final result:
  • GEOG 111 - intro to geography
  • ESCI 111 - physical geology 
  • GEOG 201 - world regions
  • PSYC 208 - cognitive psychology
  • ART 225B - art history (mannerism-present)
It's quite a bit of geography, but that was basically all that was available. I just find it ironic that I'm taking more geography than any other subject since I'm majoring in psychology.. Let's hope that everything goes smoothly second semester!

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