Sunday, October 16, 2011


I figured I should take some time to write about what's up in my world every once in a while, so here it goes.

I got advised on Tuesday for my second semester of college and I'm starting to wonder if this whole college thing is right for me. I'm feeling some added stress because I don't know what I want to minor in (my major is psychology). College is also really starting to kill my desire to learn. You're forced to learn things so quickly and I feel like I'm not learning some material as well as I could because there's so much pressure to learn it by a certain time. Hopefully this is just me being a baby and going through a slump right now because I don't want to drop out. I want to be able to finish what I've started and if I decide not to go to grad school, I'll be okay with that. A bachelor's degree wouldn't be hindering at all, so I'm going to try to stick it out.

A few nights ago a newly formed acquaintance of mine told me that his friend has a bit of a crush on me. This is really funny because the only encounter I've had with this guy was whenever we had a collision at my friend Emily's apartment. If you've seen the new Freaky Friday movie, it was a lot like whenever Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan try to get back into their own bodies by running into each other. Maybe I'm magic and knocked some feelings into him. Haha, who knows, but he seems like a cool guy so I wouldn't getting to know him.

I'm going to wrap up this post by talking about...FALL! The weather here is really starting to cool down and many of the trees are changing colors and losing their leaves. I love seeing how everything starts to diminish and seeing it all come back to life in the spring. My favorite things about fall are seasonal coffee flavors, long sleeves and sweaters, the smell of leaves, Halloween excitement, scented candles, carving pumpkins, costume parties, and spending time outside admiring the world. What's your favorite part about the season?

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