Sunday, December 4, 2011


Friday night I finally went out to the mall and picked up some products from the Gareth Pugh MAC collection. I originally was planning on going sometime Saturday but I had started my period and felt like crap, so this was the perfect pick me up. I bought both lipsticks and lip glosses, a nail polish, and the blush.

Strada powder blush

This is every fair skinned girl's dream blush! Whenever I first saw it I thought it was neat but you could probably use a powder that's a few shades darker instead, but it actually has a bit of a pink to it. I never wear blush because it's always too much color for my skin, but this is something that I'm definitely going to be using everyday and I'll probably stock up on it! This was hard to photograph since it's so subtle, but it gives me a nice little flush of color and you can see it in the following photos a bit as well. (I apologize for the awful picture and my hair looking like such a mess. It's sunday, what can I say.)

Restrict creamsheen lipstick

Also another pale girl's dream! This lipstick has a slight pink tint to it along with a bit of shimmer, which is great because it doesn't totally wash you out. I really think that Pugh took paler skin tones into consideration while working on this collection and I'm so glad he did. This is a shade I'm going to be wearing a lot and will be my go-to lip color whenever my eye makeup is really dramatic. 

Fervent satin lipstick
I really love the versatility of this color. It can go on to be a nice hot-pinkish purple or a nearly black purple depending on how much is applied. I went ahead and applied it so it'd be darker so you can see the full dramatic effect it has. This is probably one of the more fun pieces of the collection, obviously not something for daytime and everyday wear. 

Vacant lipglass

I usually have a personal vendetta against lipgloss since they're always so sticky so I just don't even bother with them, but these are very nice and creamy. This color gives the lips a bit of a light pink color and has bits of pink and lavender glitter. I've fallen in love with both of these glosses and they'll be my go-to products when I want a bit of color on my lips but don't feel like being bothered by applying lipstick.

Outrage lipglass

This is basically a toned down version of the Fervent lipstick. It's a light purple gloss full of blue, green, and purple glitter. Again, another amazing lipgloss! I'm sorry that it's difficult to really see the full effect of the lipglasses but they're just so hard to photograph! I'd definitely recommend that you try them on it the store because these pictures don't quite do them justice. 

Unfortunately, I don't have photos for you guys of the nail polish. I had just painted my nails Friday afternoon and didn't feel like messing up my manicure by testing it out, but I paint my nails so often that I'll probably have pictures within the next week.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my purchases. I bought a lot of stuff that I know I'll be using a lot. It's really awesome to be able to incorporate your absolute favorite designer into your everyday appearance.

PS - Apparently the shipping of the eyeshadows have been delayed everywhere so I was unable to test those out but the artist at the store said they should be in sometime this week. I've been curious about those so I'm excited to see what they're like!


  1. Oh wow, I love the tinted lipglosses. They look adorable on you! :)

    xo, Samantha

  2. hey, do you have a picture of your full face with the restrict lipstick? i don't know if it's just gonna look like when girls put foundation on their lips or if it's worth buying?

  3. Hi, unfortunately I don't. I only focused on my lips when I was photographing the products. I'd say it's definitely worth buying if you're looking for a nude shade and you have paler skin. I personally find that foundation on lips looks so obvious and since it's formulated to be worn on your face, it doesn't last and looks funny. This lipstick has a nice purple/pinkish color to it and there's a bit of sparkle to it as well.

    This is just my opinion and it's ultimately up to you whether or not you decide to purchase it. I'd recommend testing it out first, though!

  4. i'm so jealous! i really want the blush and the pink lipstick!