Sunday, July 21, 2013


As promised, I'm finally sharing some of my photos from my trip to Seattle! Now that I'm going through my library and sorting out which photos to post, I kind of wish that I would have taken more. I think that having a memory of an experience is more precious than stopping what you're doing to snap a photo, though, and I'm really grateful that I was able to travel to and spend a few days in such a wonderful city! This post is going to focus on architectures/exteriors; I wanted to organize the content I posted instead of just dumping a whole bunch.
If I looked out of the hotel room window, I faced a gorgeous view of the Space Needle and a bunch of sleek skyscrapers. The one on the right was my favorite.
 It was difficult to capture the extreme deconstructivistic style of the EMP museum. The place was huge and had so many different elements to it. The inside was just as interesting and chaotic; it contained warped holographic purple ceilings. This by far has been the most unique museum I've ever attended. The exhibits there were so interesting! While I was there, they had an exhibit on the black leather jacket, video games, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, and sci-fi and horror films. And I saw that they had posted on facebook a few days ago that they are currently holding the iron throne from Game of Thrones that is used on the set! I want to go back to sit on a chair!
The infamous gum wall in Post Alley next to Pike Place market. I don't chew gum so I couldn't make a contribution!
The photo on the left is the wall right across from the gum wall and, in my opinion, was much more interesting. I think part of the reason why I love seeing so many wheat pastes in one spot is because in St. Louis they're very uncommon to find and are removed as soon as possible. The photo on the right is the side of a hair salon named Vain. It was quite clear that Seattle is a place that thrives off of art and creative energy. 
Blue trees right outside of the shopping center downtown.
This is the view from the top of the Space Needle. Looking out and seeing the skyline and mountains was absolutely breathtaking.

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