Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Normally I'm not one to get all too excited about music videos but when I was scrolling through Facebook during my break in between classes, I saw that Yeasayer announced they had a new video out for Glass of the Microscope. As soon as I pressed play I was instantly drawn in and knew I just had to watch it full screen and, trust me, it's quite the experience when you watch this on a computer monitor that's nearly the size of a TV. This is such a brilliant song off their album Fragrant World and I was so pleased to see such captivating visuals paired with it. All the swirly stuff reminded me of what Lush bath bombs do to water! I also had the chance to see Yeasayer live over the summer, however, they did not play this song, but they played an amazing show. They make little tweaks to their songs for live shows and, in my opinion, sound better than the album versions a lot of the time. They also drank their water out of wine glass, which just added to all of the fun happening. I'm ordering you to go to their show if they ever come to your town and to watch this video, too. Enjoy!

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