Friday, January 20, 2012


I am head over heels in love with the Alexander Wang Kirsten Satchel, but no so much the heavy price tag attached to it. There's no way I would ever spend nearly a thousand dollars on a bag, even if it's as close to perfection as this. So, I found an alternative.

I bought this bag by She & Josh from karmaloop for about $55. It's certainly no Wang and looks rather inferior next to it, but I quite like it and I'm happy that I got such a good deal on it!


  1. I bought a copy on the Kirsten bag not too long ago.. the design is simply amazing but i'm not rich enough to get the real one =(

    This is how mine looks:
    And i got it from "Shampalove" girls =)

  2. That's really cute! Thanks for sharing that website, they have some really cool stuff :)