Friday, March 23, 2012


This is photographer Julia Kozerski and the photos above are from her Changing Room series. Since the first photo on the left, she's lost a whopping 160 pounds. All I can say is wow. She deserves a huge pat on the back. I feel so proud for her, because I know weight loss doesn't come easily. If she can lose that much weight, then there's no reason I can't keep working towards my goal of losing twenty pounds.

Julia's commentary:
Since December of 2009, I have lost over 160 pounds. Changing Room is a selection of images chronicling my physical transformation. The self-portraits, captured with my iPhone, were taken in various locations such as store dressing rooms and within my home. They serve as a form of voyeurism, bridging the gap between public and private spaces. They also serve as personal reflections of my struggle to recognize and understand my individual identity and sense of self throughout my experience. From celebratory and hopeful, to painful sadness and confusion, the images in Changing Room give the viewer a rare look at the range of emotions I privately endured while undergoing my massive weight loss. (This work is currently in progress.)

to view the entire series, go to

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