Saturday, April 6, 2013

21 BEFORE 21

Last summer I decided that I should compile a list of goals in order for me to achieve. I didn't finish this list until fairly recently but now that I have it made, I feel I will be more compelled to finish everything now that I have it written in my journal and now that I have it posted on my blog. So why 21? I thought that achieving 21 goals before I turn 21 is very doable. I just turned twenty this week, which leaves me with less than a year, but there's a good deal that I've already accomplished! I won't tell you which ones I have or haven't finished yet; instead I'll do a post in a few months updating you on my progess. Here's the list!

  1. Get a job. 
  2. Lift 100lbs in the free weight room.
  3. Visible stomach muscles.
  4. Read 21 books.
  5. Comfortably walk in tall heels.
  6. Find a boyfriend (one that I really like).
  7. Create a work of art that I'm proud of.
  8. Go to Seattle.
  9. Participate in an athletic competition (CrossFit or Powerlifting).
  10. Deadlift 150lbs.
  11. Create an art installation. 
  12. Completely fill a journal.
  13. Go on an art tour of the area.
  14. Lower my body fat percentage to 20%.
  15. Run a continuous mile.
  16. Go to 21 concerts.
  17. Avoid getting pulled over by the cops.
  18. Donate blood.
  19. Get another tattoo.
  20. Start a photo series.
  21. Do one pull-up on my own. No boxes or bands.
Did I forget to mention that I'm a weightlifter? Well, now you know! Now you all can hold this against me and make sure I complete as much as I can! What are some of your goals? xx


  1. This is so cool! A few years ago, I made a list of 100 things to do over 1 summer. It was kinda crazy and awesome. And it always gave me inspiration for something to do when I was bored.
    I think you'll have a lot of fun with this. Good luck!

    1. Thanks! That sounds like an awesome idea. I should probably start a list like that for when I have some time off!

  2. That's a great idea!! I think I might do this :) Good luck

    1. Thanks, Judith! Good luck to you too if you decide to do so.