Sunday, May 27, 2012


Last week I decided to pick up some stuff from Lush since I had a gift card that I had received for my birthday. Of course, I wanted to get another bath bomb. As soon as I walked over to the display, there was one scent in particular that was calling my name. It smelled so citrusy and delicious; I just new I had to have it. I started picking up different bombs until I found it: dragon's egg.

This bath bomb was so much fun to use! And it's HUGE. I cut all of mine in half so I can get two uses out of them. I later learned that dragon's egg is lemon sorbet scented, but I would say there's a bit of ginger in there as well. It's full of confetti dots, unfortunately they dissolved really quickly, and glitter! To make this bathing experience even more luxurious, the bomb turns the water a gorgeous shade of orange-gold. These pictures really don't do the color any justice!

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  1. This one makes me wanna go spend all my money in Lush:')