Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Friday night one of my friends invited me to go see SSION live with him. The only song of theirs I knew was My Love Grows in the Dark thanks to Rookie Magazine posting about it, which I liked so I figured why not go? I am so glad that I went. Normally I don't really like going to shows where I don't like the band too much and I don't know the lyrics to their songs. It makes me feel like I don't deserve to be there and if I see a band live, I need to participate whether it be by singing along or dancing to the music. SSION definitely took the crowd by storm. They had absolutely every person dancing like crazy to their 80's styled dance beats. Just recently I was talking to someone about how I hate what the crowds have turned into at shows: teens standing there bored and taking pictures with their smartphones so they can post them on various social networking sites. Not a single person was doing this on Friday night. It was refreshing to see the band get absolutely everyone in the crowd to join in on the fun. I remember very specifically jumping around like crazy to Earthquake throwing around metallic streamers that I found on the floor. There was even a time when singer Cody Critcheloe had the whole crowd get onstage with him. Everyone went nuts and danced like there was no tomorrow. This was the most fun I had had at a gig in a long while! If SSION is coming to your town, go see them and you will not regret it! You'll be completely blown away by their amazing performance.

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