Friday, October 12, 2012


There's a family of bunnies that live in my backyard! I always get so excited when I spot one of them because they're just SO cute! My cat usually finds them first; she likes to sit on the window ledge in our dining room and make those little chattery noises at them. Usually I won't know one of them is out there unless I see my cat intensely staring out the window. I would have scared this little cutie off if I had gone outside to photograph him (or her), so thanks to my zoom lens I was able to stay in my dining room and take its' picture through the window without disturbance. He was in the middle of grooming himself while I was photographing him but then when I looked outside a little bit later, I saw a sleepy bunny! How adorable! Just look at that fluffy tail!


  1. How lucky are you to have an adorable bunny running around! JEALOUS!