Saturday, March 2, 2013


I've been really busy with school lately and will admit that I've been really lazy with taking photos. I'm still getting used to shooting with the Holga 135 and it's a bit tricky. The biggest problem I'm having with it is that the viewfinder is extremely off center. I have to do a lot of guess work with where I should position the camera, and I think that showed in this roll. Loading the film is also a bit difficult. I messed up the previous roll I shot with and once it was developed all my photos were blank. I was bummed about that since I took some really cool photos at some art museums.Graffiti in St. LouisEmily and our friend Ellie's pet rat.Ellie got fancy cupcakes for her birthday!Emma's new Marco Mazzoni tattoo.How the smoke alarm was covered so we could smoke hookah inside.Anna and EllieHannah and BK, the two of the most photogenic people ever to exist.

This was also the first roll of film that I scanned on my own! It's quite apparent that I need to brush my negatives off before scanning them. I'm really happy with how the photos look though. The colors look awesome!

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  1. Nice selection of photos, liking the Marco Mazzoni tattoo.